Brand Creation - Case Study 1
KZ Hair Logo
KZ Hair commissioned the McAlpine partnership to come up with a modern and trendy logo for their chain of salons throughout Ayrshire and Glasgow South. The inspiration for this logo came from the oriental art of Origami. Well without stating the obvious - it looks like a "K" and a "Z" and also a stylised head with hair.

Kerr Duff, (the K in KZ) and co-owner of the business said, “the McAlpine partnership has done an excellent job in creating a fresh new look that immediately attracts people's attention. We want to be seen as an exciting, forward thinking chain of salons and I definitely think our new image will help to reinforce that!”

We have since designed a range of hair product packaging which will be available to purchase via which is earmarked to be developed in the near future.

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KZ Hair Product Packaging Design